Come to a networking session and find out if this group is right for you. We meet on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. Contact Mike Drelicharz at 847-942-3086 for more information.

Referral Experts exists for the sole purpose of actively seeking out opportunities, through our business and personal interactions with others, to provide avenues of new business growth to our fellow members.

Even after twenty years in business, I was new to networking when I joined this group of business professionals in 2008. Through our weekly meetings, I have established strong connections with my colleagues at Referral Experts, while honing my networking skills. In the referral business, it is truly better to give than to receive, and although I have received valuable referrals through Referral Experts that have helped build my business, I find it more rewarding to be able to give a referral that pans out.

George Scheuller, IT Consultant
GVS Enterprises

After being a member of Referral Experts for only a few months, I had already received multiple referrals that resulted in business. I was also able to provide several referrals to other members. Joining Referral Experts was definitely a good business decision!

Beth Firsching, Graphic & Web Designer
Beth Firsching Design